Our Patrons

St. Cosmas and St. Damian
(Martyrs, died c.303, feastday Sept. 26th)

It’s been said that they were brothers, maybe even twins, who were trained by famous Arab physicians. In Christian charity, they would take no money for their services. They refused to sacrifice to idols, and so they were tortured by the civil authorities government police and then thrown into the sea. They are patron saints of doctors, surgeons, dentists, druggists, and twins. People pray to them in times of epidemic diseases.

The great Evangelist Saint Luke
(First century, feastday Oct.18th)

He was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of Apostles. He was a well-educated Greek. He might have been a doctor. Paul instructed him in the faith, and in return he became Paul’s loyal friend and assistant. He joined Paul at Troas during Paul’s second missionary journey and stayed with him through his travels, except during the times when Luke was assigned to stay with a newly established Christian Community. When Paul was imprisoned, Luke stayed close by him to assist him and watch over his health. Paul described him as “the beloved physician”